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Wicked Wager -- Mary Gillgannon
Wicked Wager
a sexy Regency romance.

Call Down The Moon -- Mary Gillgannon
Call Down The Moon

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Welcome to my garden. An imaginary world of romance and adventure set in the past (and now present). A realm of brawny knights, bold warriors and elegant lords. Of maidens sweet and fair, determined and brave, fierce and strong. Of enchanted forests, wild hills, gritty, back-end city streets, rugged hillforts, towering castles and elegant mansions. I invite you to come along as my characters fight, make love, plot, intrigue and discover passion and destiny in places and times from modern Denver to medieval London and iron age Britain. And in all the stories that live in my head and on the page, I celebrate the profound connection between ourselves and nature, and the magical power of love.

Come wander through my world!



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Guardian of my garden,
Gaia, goddess of the earth.


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