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Wicked Wager -- Mary Gillgannon
Wicked Wager
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Call Down The Moon -- Mary Gillgannon
Call Down The Moon

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I love to travel, finding inspiration and rejuvenation in exploring places new and old. This year I took a two-week trip with my daughter to Scotland, Dublin and Northern Ireland. I’d never been to Scotland before and I was particularly enthralled by the Isle of Skye. I visited a remote area there called the Fairy Glen, which lives up to its name with whimsical conical hills, amazing greenery and an ambiance that can only be described as enchanted.

fairy self fairy glen


Another highlight was mountain vistas of the West Highlands. There’s no way to describe the light and the delicate hues of the landscape that create such spectacular beauty.

Glen Shiel
brooding mountains

My favorite spot in Northern Ireland was along the sea near Newcastle, where we stayed in a charming historic cottage and before going to bed I shot photos of a gorgeous full moon over the Irish Sea.


Although I love the countryside the best, my daughter favors cities, and we did have a wonderful time in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin, shopping, sightseeing and enjoying the fabulous street musicians, both traditional and modern.

Edinburgh Castle bag piper

Hard to come home, although I did miss my husband, cats and dog, and wanted to get back to writing my latest book, another reincarnation story. This one about a Viking metal craftsman from Dublin, the Irish sorceress-in-training he captures, falls in loves with, loses and pursues through the centuries to modern Los Angeles.

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