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Lady of Steel Mary Gillgannon
Lady of Steel
a medieval romance

Wicked Wager -- Mary Gillgannon
Wicked Wager
a sexy Regency romance.

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... to my imaginings of another time. Even though my characters’ stories are set in the past, they seem as real to me as my own family. I intend for my books to be an escape and a balm for the turmoil and horrors of our own era. The underlying theme is love, connection and family, as well a deep belief in the sacredness of the earth and nature and the triumph of good over evil and joy over despair. If we believe, we can make it real.

Audio Releases

Working in a library, I’ve been keenly aware of the growing popularity of audiobooks. I’m thrilled to announce that my most recent books are now available to in this format.

Lady of Steel Audiobook

Amazon | Audible

My sexy Regency Wicked Wager features horse-mad, tomboy heroine and a shrewd London gamester. When a shocking wager throws them together, a battle of wills ensues. By the time they discover what they really desire is the very thing they’ve been fighting against, they’re entangled in a treacherous plot that could cost them both their lives. 

In Wicked Wager I particularly enjoyed contrasting the elegant world of ballrooms and polite society with the raw underbelly of Regency London. The two realms seem worlds apart and yet existed side-by-side. I enjoy giving a glimpse of the full range of human experience in the past.

Lady of Steel Audiobook

Amazon | Audible

Lady of Steel begins with a love scene. But then Fawkes is forced to go fight in the Crusade. By the time Fawkes and Nicola are reunited, they are both very different people. Between Nicola’s secrets, the dark things they’ve endured and the sinister meddling of their enemies, they struggle to connect beyond the explosive passion they share in bed. As deceit and treachery swirl around them, they must find a way to trust each other and believe in the power of love.  

The medieval era is one of my favorite time periods. I love the high stakes/life-and-death nature of the time period and well as the color and pageantry. I’m fascinated by the fact that people have changed very little in the hundreds of years since then. We are still driven by the same desires and dreams, and we still suffer from the same flaws and insecurities. It’s especially satisfying to craft a happy ending in this turbulent and violent era, as it gives me hope for happy endings in our own period.

New Medieval

I have finished another medieval romance, which is very loosely linked to Lady of Steel. It’s set in Wales and on the borderlands nearby. Marared, the daughter of powerful Welsh chieftain, is forced to ambitious knight Gerard of Malmsbury. She considers her new husband the enemy and is determined to escape the marriage. Gerard vows to win the heart of his fiery and beautiful bride. Gradually, Marared begins to warm to her English husband. But not before she makes a fateful decision that entangles them in the complicated politics of the time period and threatens not only their love but their lives.   

I’m exploring several publishing options for this new medieval. I’m hoping it will be available later this year.



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