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Lord of Hearts Mary Gillgannon
Lord of Hearts

Lady of Steel Mary Gillgannon
Lady of Steel
a medieval romance

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... to my imaginings of another time. Even though my characters’ stories are set in the past, they seem as real to me as my own family. I intend for my books to be an escape and a balm for the turmoil and horrors of our own era. The underlying theme is love, connection and family, as well a deep belief in the sacredness of the earth and nature and the triumph of good over evil and joy over despair. If we believe, we can make it real.

Lords of the Borders

The lands along the border between Wales and England are known as the Welsh Marches. In the medieval era, the territory was in bitter dispute. From the time William the Conqueror invaded England and sought to take over the whole island, the Welsh fought valiantly to preserve their freedom and way of life, even as the barons William brought with him from Normandy built castles and encroached deeper and deeper into Welsh territory.

The Welsh struggle against the English (as the Norman overlords came to be called, even though they spoke Norman French) went on for several hundred years. The Welsh tactics of attack, raid and retreat were frustrating and infuriating for the knights who sought to guard English settlements, and a bitter distrust and animosity grew up between the two races.

But love will find a way, even between peoples who are supposed to be enemies. My new series Lords of the Borders is about proud English knights who arrive in Wales to conquer and end up losing their hearts to bold, daring Welshwomen.

Lord of Hearts -- Mary Gilgannon

Lord of Hearts  Available now

For a landless bastard knight like Gerard of Malmsbury, being made lord of Tangwyl castle is a dream come true. But his dream comes with a price:  in order to arrange a truce with the Welsh, he is forced to wed the local chieftain’s daughter, Marared. Raised to see all English knights as enemies, Marared is horrified to be forced to wed one of the hated Saesoneg. She vows to escape the marriage and destroy Gerard’s plans.

Lord of Secrets -- Mary Gilgannon

Lord of Secrets  February 2021

William Fitzhugh is proud to be named lord of Higham Castle, but defending the castle and the lands surrounding it is a huge responsibility. He needs a wife to aid him, but the only woman he has interest in is the local healer, Rhosyn, a mysterious Welshwoman who tries to kill him in their first encounter.
Lord of Forever -- Mary Gillgannon

Lord of Forever  April 2021

Nicholas Breutel vows to rise above knighthood and someday be a baron and control his own castle. But his ambitions get complicated when he takes a young Welshwoman prisoner. His passion for lovely Cristin will entangle him in a treacherous morass of politics, betrayal and power that will threaten his dreams and his life.

Lady of Steel -- Mary Gillgannon

Although it’s set on the English side of the Welsh Marches, Lady of Steel also features a fierce English knight who falls in love with a woman who is more than he bargained for.

Nicola of Valmar was a helpless pawn of her cruel husband. Then she defied him and sought her own destiny. Now Nicola must risk trusting another husband, hardened crusader knight Fawkes de Cressy.

Lady of Steel is available in ebook, print and audio formats.




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