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mary pictureI was born in northwest Illinois and spent my early years climbing trees and exploring the lush green world of dairy farms, meadows and wooded areas that still existed in rural America in the 60's. My father was a minister at a small country church, and I always say my sisters and I grew up like the Bronte girls, living in the world of nature, books and our imaginations.

I eventually moved to Wyoming, married a Wyoming native, and received a journalism degree at the University of Wyoming. After several jobs in public relations and advertising, I finally found my niche working in a public library, where I have the delightful task of ordering adult fiction.

My wake-up call in life occurred when I had emergency back surgery in my early 30’s and realized how important it was to me to write a novel. Shortly thereafter, I discovered historical romances and knew I’d found the perfect genre, as it makes use of both my passion for history and for delving deep into the hearts and souls of my characters.

I especially enjoy writing in the dark age and medieval time periods, and I have a passion for all things Celtic. The reason for that became clear when I came upon a letter written by my great-grandfather. In it he explains that his family, the Logans, were Druids. I’d like to think I was a Celtic priestess in another life, and I have a profound connection to Wales and Ireland and try to visit there every few years.

Over the course of my career, I’ve published sixteen historical romances, a time travel/reincarnation romance and an epic historical fantasy novel. My print books have been published in Russian, Chinese, German and Dutch. Besides writing, I love traveling, both to places warm and relaxing, as well as those imbued with history and the magic of the past. In the summer, I’m an avid gardener, a constant challenge with the arid, erratic weather of Wyoming. I also enjoy spending time with my family. My two children are grown, so I mostly indulge my nurturing tendencies on our very spoiled pets:  five cats and a dog.mary signature

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