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Lady of Steel The Leopard The Conqueror  
Lady of Steel -- Mary Gillgannon The Leopard -- Mary Gillgannon The Conqueror -- Mary Gillgannon  

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Wicked Wager Saint Sin Devil's Own Bargain Earl of Scandal
Wicked Wager -- Mary Gillgannon Saint Sin -- Mary Gillgannon Devil's Own Bargain -- Mary Gillgannon Earl of Scandal -- Mary Gillgannon
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Storm Maiden Beyond the Sea Mist    
Storm Maiden -- Mary Gillgannon Beyond the Sea Mist -- Mary Gillgannon    
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The Silver Wheel  

Call Down The Moon
Soulmate Series Book I

The Silver Wheel -- Mary Gillgannon


A historical fantasy set in early Roman Britain
Call Down The Moon -- Mary Gillgannon    
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The Dragon of the Island Series        
Dragon of the Island Dragon's Dream The Dragon Price The Dragon Bard Boxed Set
Dragon of the Island -- Mary Gillgannon Dragon's Dream -- Mary Gillgannon The Dragon Price -- Mary Gillgannon The Dragon's Bard -- Mary Gillgannon Boxed Set -- Mary Gillgannon
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