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mary garden

Along with writing and traveling, my other passion is gardening. Although growing things in southeast Wyoming where I live is a challenge. Late spring blizzards, hailstorm and drought all take their toll. It doesn’t help that I favor flowers from my Midwestern childhood, roses, morning glories, zinnias, nasturtiums and Queen Anne’s lace, which are not drought tolerant. Some years I have to water nearly every day. Fortunately the mountains we are get our water have had plentiful snowfall the last few years.  

messy garden

As you  can see, I favor the messy, wild look for gardens, I also consider the pollinators, birds and other wildlife when I garden. I have catmint for bees. Conflowers, phlox and zinnias for the butterflies. Sunflowers for the birds. And antelope are apparently fond of cosmos and hearty geraniums.

bee on flower



I hope to keep gardening as long as my body holds out. It is very demanding physically, but so restorative for the soul.

fairy garden

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